Strange Joy — “Power Pop” SDR-103


Right when Strange Joy came out of the gates in Houston in 2021, it was obvious there was something unique and special about the band. A raw energy was always present at their live shows, always paired with a sense of melody, and sticking out from the lineup—in the best way possible. Over the past year, with continuous shows and newcomers, Strange Joy has naturally evolved and adapted into what we hear today. Their new record, Power Pop is their strongest display yet; showing a much more straight-forward, fast and angry hardcore sound. Not to say the band has abandoned their melody, but have incorporated it into these songs with a new approach. Ringing guitar strings are heard throughout the tracks, while other guitars have a fuzzy and driving sound, along with Castillo’s vocal patterns that never fail to make Strange Joy’s songs as catchy as they are. Power Pop is titled appropriately—this is Strange Joy at their most powerful sounding yet.

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  1. Heatwave
  2. Power Pop
  3. Brickwork
  4. Fiending (Blank Out)
Pressing Information

First Press | 7" Vinyl
100 Clear (SDR Exclusive)
100 Red (Coreruption Records Exclusive)
100 Black & White