Anklebiter / Prevention — “Split” SDR-121


Vinyl is a pre-order and is expected to ship around 06.28.2024, with cassette tapes shipping now.
Northeast and Midwest hardcore join on this split 7” with the perfect pairing of Anklebiter & Prevention. Anklebiter continues to deliver short and fast hardcore, and seems to do it better and better with each release; nailing the influences from LOC affiliates, Righteous Jams, and Rampage, and executed with a fresh take on the sound. Prevention, another band that shines in straight-forward hardcore, packs a rhythmic-punch on their side, with a harder tone, similar to the likes of 00s hardcore bands No Warning, Guns Up! and Down To Nothing. This split is presented by Delayed Gratification & Sunday Drive Records—another collaboration that’s been meaning to happen.

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  1. Tempest
  2. Paradise
  3. Internalized
  4. Don't You Want to Be Free
Pressing Information

First Press | 7" Vinyl
150 Transparent Blue (SDR / Anklebiter Exclusive)
150 Red (DGR / Prevention Exclusive)

Cassette Tape
200 Yellow w/ Green Imprint