Welcome Painful Choice to SDR

Posted on March 3rd, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Atlanta hardcore band, Painful Choice to Sunday Drive Records. In a span of 3 minutes, a huge wave of love, loss, and progression is explored on the demo from Painful Choice. Formed in 2022 and originally released on Armageddon Records, the demo is an explosive release, full of melody and emotion. Painful Choice embraces the sound of DC’s Revolution Summer era bands, Rites of Spring and Gray Matter—while naturally melding their hometown influences from the likes of Car vs. Driver and Abuse of Power. The demo is available again now on cassette tape, with new music to come later in 2023.

Welcome Trembler to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on February 25th, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Houston, TX alternative-rock band, Trembler to Sunday Drive Records. Released at the end of 2022, “Folding” is the sophomore LP from Houston alternative-rock band, Trembler. With the help of producer, Corey Coffman (Gleemer) the band was able to reinvent their sound on “Folding”. While the band focused on indie/emo music on their debut, “Folding” finds Trembler vastly expanding their soundscape—leaning both heavy and soft in the realm of alternative rock.

There’s an introduction of many atmospheric layers and noisy guitars that pair perfectly with solemnly catchy vocal melodies and introspective lyrics from vocalist Luke Gonzales. Trembler is creating a unique sound in this genre in 2023—with songs that get stuck in your head and pass quickly, due to the bands’ attentive sequencing and sharp songwriting.

Their 2022 LP, “Folding” is reissued now on cassette tape along with new merch. New music coming soon.

Welcome Sign Language to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on February 17th, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Cincintati, Ohio alternative-rock band, Sign Language to Sunday Drive Records. There’s a fascinating dichotomy that exists in Sign Language. The four-piece plays a blend of post-hardcore, mixed with shoegaze elements consisting of atmospheric guitars, backed with heavy bass and drums. Layered above this are aching yells from Pacheco, which then pair with the calm, gentle vocals of Sarah Tolley. The band pulls everything together perfectly, creating a diverse and unique sound in the new landscape of alternative rock & post-hardcore.

2023 rings in a new chapter for the band as they release the single, “The Nothing” on Sunday Drive Records. The band continues to perfect their distinct sound, with a new LP on the way later this year.

Watch the music video for "The Nothing" below.

New: The SDR Fan Club

Posted on January 22nd, 2023

We’ve updated our subscription for 2023, now simply called the SDR Fan Club—with more perks for the same price.

For $5 /month you get:

• Early listens of new releases
• Early access to the rarest product variant*
• Early listens of new Sunday Conversations episodes
• Exclusive sticker pack (USA only)
• All upcoming music added to your Bandcamp collection. (High-quality download in your choice of MP3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, etc. delivered digitally on release date)
• Behind-the-scenes posts on our Fan Club Bandcamp community, where we'll share news on upcoming music and what we're working on
• 10% discount (Automatically applied to your Bandcamp account)
• 5 back-catalog releases + 4 subscriber-exclusive releases for your Bandcamp collection.

“The GOODSTREET Video” Premiere

Posted on October 17th, 2022

GOODSTREETDISTRICT is a skate crew from Staten Island, New York, featuring Alex Allen (Utmost, Only Sibling). Recently, they premiered their debut skate video at a pop-up event at their local skate shop, Richmond Hood Company and today, you can watch the full video online at SDR, filmed by our friend Alex Allen and featuring music from New Morality Zine & Sunday Drive Records artists.

Video Credits


Andrew Robles
Nick Zomo
John Bumper
Christopher Maddaluno
Youssef Boucetta
Max Holsbeke
Anthony Giovanniello


“Slower Hell” — Money
“Passing Dream” — Glare
“Spinning” — Trauma Ray
“Pissing off The Neighbors” — Cursetheknife
“Cascade” — Glean
“Thrive” — Ridgeway
“Nie Śpię” — Syndrom Paryski
“Here to Love You” — The Doobie Brothers
“Tea Leaves” — Dogs Run Free