Welcome mad honey to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on March 15th, 2022

We are pleased to welcome OKC indie-rock band, mad honey to Sunday Drive Records. The band's earliest formation started in 2018 with members Tiff Sutcliffe and Branden Palesano writing music together. The band later came to fruition with members Lennon Bramlett, James Tunell and Austin Valdez joining the band and continued writing and releasing singles such as "Good Grief" and "I Won't Go Easy" most recently in 2021. Influences from early ’90s dream-pop/shoegaze bands like Lush and My Bloody Valentine, with a mix of contemporaries like DIIV and Beach House can be heard on these new singles, especially from the whirling guitar leads and dual-vocal harmonies. The two tracks easily stay on an endless loop while we look forward to hearing more from what mad honey has in store in 2022.

Today, you can pre-order their new Promo ’22 tape and shirt, and watch the new music video for "Odds" below.

Welcome The Arrival Note to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on November 30th, 2021

We are pleased to welcome Tampa, Florida emo band, The Arrival Note to Sunday Drive Records. The Arrival Note is a newly formed emo band from Tampa Bay, Florida by members Joshua Howell (Stedfast, Point of Contact, Contention) and Kyle Weidner. On their debut, self-titled EP, the band combines both the post-hardcore and indie rock that largely influenced the sound of the ’90s emo. Songs like ‘Trajectory’ and ‘Floor’ display the slow, melodic guitars leading to explosive choruses—pulling in the influences of bands like Mineral and Braid, while songs ‘Run’ and ‘Isn’t That a Shame’ show a faster, aggressive side of emo—influenced by bands like Texas is the Reason and Hey Mercedes. The Arrival Note pulls these sounds in from track to track and sequence them perfectly, showing they are very capable of playing a dynamic style in the genre.

Today, you can stream their single, "Run" and pre-order the self-titled EP on cassette tape, along with a new shirt.

Welcome Money to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on November 22nd, 2021

We are pleased to welcome Oklahoma alternative-rock band, Money to Sunday Drive Records. Coming from the Oklahoma DIY music scene—currently populated with diverse bands rich in punk/hardcore to shoegaze and alternative rock—Money delivers some of the heaviest straight-forward alternative rock music their town has to offer. Sharing members with the local OK band, Cursetheknife and inspired by late ‘90s bands like Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins and Far, Money’s songs are full of heavy bass, noisy guitars, and echoing vocals, where the band can easily fit on local shoegaze lineup, but slightly more heavy to fit on a punk/hardcore show.

Today, you can listen to their new single, 'Down4ever' and pre-order their upcoming EP, "Money" on cassette tape along with new merch.

Dull Mourning Announce New EP, "Ugly Flame" + Pre-Orders

Posted on November 17th, 2021

“Ugly Flame” is the debut EP from North Carolina post-hardcore/emo band, Dull Mourning. Following their single “Burdens” released earlier in summer 2021, “Ugly Flame” continues to expand more on the post-hardcore/emo dynamic that the band carved out so well. “Ugly Flame” revolves around the feeling of frustration and struggling in everyday life. Tracks like ‘Demigod’ and ‘Nosebleed’ question the meaning of everyday life, while ‘Narrow Losses’ confronts the struggle of coping with medication. There’s a lot of harsh truths of life addressed on “Ugly Flame”, yet they all align with the yearning to be a better person and get out of the constant struggle.

Today, you can pre-order on cassette tape and stream the new single, “Nosebleed”. “Ugly Flame” is out everywhere on 1/14/2022.

Broken Head Announce New Single, "Sugar"

Posted on November 12th, 2021

Broken Head's new single, “Sugar” is out everywhere today. “Sugar” is the first new song from Massachusetts alternative-rock band, Broken Head since their previous EP, “Sungazer”. On Sugar, the band is joined by new drummer, Evan White, and new producer, Trevor Reilly who both bring a new perspective to the band’s sound. Evan keeps an upbeat, driving drum pattern throughout the song while Trevor brings a clearer sound to the recording. This, combined with Broken Head’s shimmery, melodic guitars and Rob’s repeating line, “Satellite of your skies” throughout the song makes for Broken Head’s brightest song yet.

The single is also available on a limited 7" flexi, available for pre-order today, along with a new long sleeve.