Broken Vow Announce New EP, "Sane Minds End" + Vinyl & Merch Pre-Orders

Posted on November 9th, 2021

“Sane Minds End” is the new EP from Broken Vow out everywhere 12/3/21 on Sunday Drive Records and New Morality Zine.

2021 sees the band continuing full steam. Broken Vow and Sunday Drive Records have teamed up with New Morality Zine to release the band's "Promo 2021" as a precursor to the split release EP, "Sane Minds End". "Sane Minds End" demonstrates that Broken Vow continues to cut their teeth on traditional hardcore of the 90s, while simultaneously drawing in more metallic elements. The new EP builds upon the band's sense of urgency initiated on the demo. Lyrically, Broken Vow continues to create a re-vitalizing social commentary for a new generation of hardcore kids. Combined with building guitar riffs, sharp bass lines, and galloping drums "Sane Minds End" is a new chapter for such a young, promising band.

You can pre-order on 12" vinyl today. Each label has an exclusive variant and merch. EU friends can pre-order at Deathwish EU.

"Music For November Vol. 7" Compilation Out Now

Posted on November 5th, 2021

The 7th volume of our annual compilation, “Music for November” is out on Bandcamp today and features new music from Sparing, Utmost, Photographic Memory, and more.

This year, 100% of sales on this compilation album will go to Abortion Funds across Texas, including Lilith Fund, Tea Fund, Frontera Fund RGV +more, to help Texans pay for their procedures and get logistical help.

A huge thank you to all of the artists involved—there’s something here for everyone.


  1. The Arrival Note - Run
  2. Sparing - Still
  3. Utmost - Tiny Dose
  4. Money - Brain Bleed
  5. The Sunset Doctrine - Kenopsia (Westernmind Remix)
  6. Photographic Memory - Joga
  7. SPACED - Think I Am
  8. New Methods - Lunatic's Wrath
  9. Blind Idol - Fistful of Flowers
  10. Glare - Softy (Demo)
  11. Mad Honey - eileen (demo)
  12. No Longer At Ease - No Longer At Ease (Demo)
  13. Andrew Baker - We All Fall 02:35

Glare Announces new EP, "Heavenly" Out 12/10/2021 + Pre-Orders Available Now

Posted on November 3rd, 2021

Glare Heavenly Album Art

Written over the past few years, “Heavenly” is the first proper EP from Rio Grande Valley, TX alternative/shoegaze band, Glare. "Heavenly"is full of beautiful noise, swooping guitars and lush vocal patterns that flow seamlessly on each song. The full EP will be available on December 10, 2021. Today, you can listen to the single, 'Floating' and pre-order on 12" vinyl/CD, along with new exclusive merch.

Welcome No Longer at Ease to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on September 21st, 2021

We are pleased to welcome North Carolina hardcore band, No Longer at Ease to Sunday Drive Records. Coming from multiple local hardcore bands like Substance, Fading Signal and Soul to Keep, the band sought to do something that was sonically different with No Longer at Ease. Influenced by late ‘90s–early '00s bands like Bane, Verse, Have Heart and Turning Point, No Longer at Ease’s EP is filled with passion, anger, skepticism and sometimes optimism. On the beginning tracks like ‘One and the Same’ and 'For What’s to Come’, vocalist, Tyler Crawford strives for a better future while reflecting on the past, however the EP ends with a powerful title track, where the last words are "Like dying trees, we lose our leaves, and our minds will be no longer at ease”. There is a mix of emotions occurring on this EP that creates this overwhelming feeling that No Longer at Ease is able to perfectly capture with melodic hardcore and passionate lyrics.

Today, you can listen to their self-titled EP, and pre-order shirts and cassette tapes.

Welcome Dull Mourning to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on September 7th, 2021

We are pleased to welcome North Carolina post-hardcore/emo band, Dull Mourning to Sunday Drive Records. The band consists of songwriters, Jonathan Owens, Owen Smith, Brandon Archer, and Caleb Hogue who each have played in other NC bands like Holy Figures and Paperback. Dull Mourning carves their own path by writing in a particular style of early ’00s boom of post-hardcore/emo bands—citing Thrice, Armor for Sleep, Senses Fail, etc. as influences, while adding their own contemporary sound to the mix. Today, you can listen to their new single, ‘Burdens’ below. More new music coming later this fall.