Kairo — “After Forever” SDR-113


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“After Forever” is the second EP from Pensacola, Florida’s alternative rock band, Kairo. This EP follows their 2022 debut, “Wither” released on From Within Records, which established their sound somewhere between emo and alternative rock with a mix of grunge and shoegaze. Sharing members of Statement of Pride and Glazed Eyes, Kairo is a very different band than the aforementioned, however, similarities exist with the attention to melody focused in alt/indie rock, and heaviness shared in hardcore and alt-rock from the sound of Les Pauls. “After Forever” is over in just about 14 minutes; each track hits and delivers with tons of melody—something that is difficult to attend to within the huge wave of sound. Kairo has crafted these four tracks to flow seamlessly into each other, making it catchy and easy to leave on repeat.

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  1. How Nice
  2. Bliss Bliss
  3. Bittersweet
  4. In Time
Pressing Information

First Press | 12" Vinyl
200 180g Black