Hesitate — Counting Sheep / Doomgazer Distro

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Originally released in 2019, Counting Sheep / Doomgazer is the double single release from Toronto's post-hardcore/emo band, Hesitate. On these tracks, the band really hones in on their sound established on their first EP, Hopeless, Happily, and delivers their strongest songs yet. 'Counting Sheep' delivers a faster-paced, post-hardcore track similar in sound to early Basement and Superheaven, while 'Doomgazer' perfectly contrasts with a strong shoegaze/alt-rock sound inspired from 90's bands like Far, Swervedriver, or The Smashing Pumpkins.

- The test press includes an alternative-art vinyl jacket exclusively available through SDR


  1. Counting Sheep
  2. Doomgazer
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5 Test Press
200 Black