Park - It Won't Snow Where You're Going SDR-018


Park's It Won't Snow Where You're Going is a groundbreaking album for the band. It's much more mature than what the band had previously created before and more honest. On this album, the band started to use more complex instrumentation with guitar melodies, layered vocals, and excellent drums. On top of this, Ladd Mitchell made his lyrics very personal and emotional. This is an honest album from front to back and definitely deserves everyone's attention.

- Cassettes include an instant hi-res digital download after the purchase, but do not include a physical download card inside.
- Cassettes include a 4-panel j-card that includes full lyrics, credits and extended photography/art.
- Get It Won't Snow Where You're Going and Park's remaining discography in this bundle at a discounted price.


  1. Gasoline Kisses for Everyone
  2. Day One and Counting
  3. Pomona for Empusa
  4. Conversations With Emily
  5. Which Wrist First
  6. Numerous Murders
  7. Dear Sweet Impaler
  8. Your Latest Victim
  9. This Would Be Easier if You Would Just Die
  10. Codex Avellum
Pressing Information

25 Red Tint w/ White Imprint
25 Smoky Tint w/ White Imprint