RAGE! Hardcore Fanzine #2 Distro


RAGE! is a hardcore fanzine from the creative minds, Björn Dossche (Rise and Fall, Chain Reaction) and Geert Hollanders (Control Records). It's styled in a classic hardcore zine format but with great attention to detail in typography, textures, halftones, logos, etc. This issue features interviews with Spark, Mindforce, Rene Natzel and a previous interview from when Björn talked with Wade Allison of Iron Age in 2008. Björn and Geert also discuss their favorite releases from 2020, underrated albums throughout the years and more.

— A5 size in BW laser text
— 52 pages of hardcore goodness
— SDR USA print has a white cover, EU print from control has a blue cover and is in A4.

For European orders, visit Control Records.