Broken Head — “The Morning Ends” SDR-112


In 2024, Broken Head has tapped into their full potential, meticulously crafting '90s-inspired alternative-rock, detailed in texture, production, and of course—songwriting. What began as a band largely influenced by Catherine Wheel has evolved into a fully-formed, unique alternative-rock band in 2024. Still having the influence of CW, Broken Head combines the likes of Swervedriver, Ride, The Cure, The Sundays, and more to create beautiful melodies surrounded by ringing guitar melodies with dream-like lyrics—stanzas that paint scenes of nature, love, and yearning. Alongside longtime producer, Trevor Reilly, Broken Head has written a rhythmic, incredibly catchy, and beautiful-sounding record, “The Morning Ends”.

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  1. In a Bubble (It's all different now)
  2. Spilled Milk
  3. I Want Everything
  4. Jupiter Rain
  5. Smell the Roses
  6. Piledriver
  7. Sunday Morning Ride
  8. Silverleaf
  9. Bending Up
Pressing Information

First Press | 12" Vinyl
100 Pink (SDR Exclusive)
200 Blue/Black Galaxy