Money — “Flacco” SDR-094


Flacco is the first follow-up single to the self-titled EP, “Money”. Oklahoma rock band return at their best, naturally expanding on the sound established on their release. On Flacco, a more uptempo and rhythmic pattern occurs throughout the single. In contrast to slower vocals and more DIY production on the self-titled, on Flacco, the song is driven, and Money is able to shine even more with cleaner production—boosting the vocals up that are backed with crisper drums and heavy, distorted guitars. Flacco shows a promising evolution and hints at more music and growth in 2023.

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— 7" flexi discs are grooved records pressed onto a thin, flexible sheet. These include a double sided insert with art and credits.
— These are mockups and the actual products may vary
— Garment brand/style may differ, depending on stock available in the USA
— Orders include “Flacco” high-quality download in your choice of MP3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC +more to be delivered via email.


  1. Flacco
Pressing Information

First Press | 7" Flexi
200 Clear w/ Green Foil