Sunday Drive Records x New Morality Zine Showcase 2022 VHS Video

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In 2022, Sunday Drive Records & New Morality Zine teamed up to bring a showcase to the west coast in Fullerton, California. Hosted at the legendary spot, Programme HQ, the weekend saw tons of smiles, introductions, and sets from Strange Joy, Anxious Arms, Ozone, Dull Mourning, Excide, Utmost, Pummel, Mad Honey, Prize Horse, All Under Heaven, Glare and Downward.

Our friend, Alex Allen (Utmost, Only Sibling) was there to capture everything on a Sony VX-1000. The digital tapes were converted and edited to an 80-minute full-length video—now duplicated on limited VHS tapes, featuring new artwork from Alex Allen.

These are limited to 25 and include an unlisted link to watch the video digitally on your device.

This event was presented by Brain Dead and sponsored by Deathwish Inc.

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25 VHS