mad honey — “Promo ’22” SDR-074


"Chasing, seeking, hiding, silhouetting lies" creates a hazy, dark, and yearning visual. It's the opening line from Oklahoma City's indie/dream-pop band, mad honey, and is the most accurate way to describe the band's sound. The band's earliest formation started in 2018 with members Tiff Sutcliffe and Branden Palesano writing music together. The band later came to fruition with members Lennon Bramlett, James Tunell and Austin Valdez joining the band and continued writing and releasing singles such as "Good Grief" and "I Won't Go Easy" most recently in 2021.

In 2022, the band has continued to evolve in their songwriting with more straight-forward indie-rock, but still stays true to their roots with a darker, dream-pop sound—mostly from the distinct voice of Tiff Sutcliffe, who arranges some of the catchiest melodies heard on their new promo tape, with singles, "Odds" and "Euphoria".

Influences from early ’90s dream-pop/shoegaze bands like Lush and My Bloody Valentine, with a mix of contemporaries like DIIV and Beach House can be heard on these new singles, especially from the whirling guitar leads and dual-vocal harmonies. The two tracks easily stay on an endless loop while we look forward to hearing more from what mad honey has in store in 2022.

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  1. Odds
  2. Euphoria
Pressing Information

First Press | Cassette Tape
25 Green w/ White Imprint
75 Black w/ White Imprint