Feverchild — “Feverchild” SDR-066


Feverchild's S/T EP sounds like it came out in the mid–late '90s, during the boom of post-hardcore and emo bands. As common as this phrase is, rarely does it accurately describe new music, it's sort of an easy, go-to reference, but that's not the case for Feverchild. Their record literally sounds like it came out in the '90s and you probably wouldn't be able to tell otherwise. Once you look a little more into the band though, it begins to make sense how the bands perfectly captured this era.

Many members of Feverchild came from other Belgium hardcore bands, like Minded Fury, Force, and Animal Club, plus the EP was recorded by Oathbreaker's, Gilles Demolder. With this foundation in hardcore—like most bands of that era (Texas Is The Reason, Far Apart, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc.)—and a strong love for the genre, Feverchild has written an EP full of clean/heavy guitars and catchy vocal melodies that easily get stuck in your head. The journey from the opening track, 'Stargazing' to the closer, 'Be My Epilogue', is straightforward, moody, full of melody and is one that you'll want to repeat again and again.

— Shirts are printed on "Forrest Green" Bayside Union-Made heavyweight shirts
— Bundles include the Clear w/ White variant of the cassette tape


  1. Stargazing
  2. Turn Away From The Sun
  3. Fever Dream
  4. 04.01.16
  5. Be My Epilogue
Pressing Information

First Press
USA Cassette Tape Pressing
25 Clear w/ Teal Imprint & Slipcase w/ Alternate-Art
75 Clear w/ White Imprint