Photographic Memory / Dog Mountain — Split EP SDR-054


The Split EP from California's Photographic Memory and Dog Mountain showcases the two artists bringing a new life to each other's songs. On the first track, Max Epstein covers Dog Mountain's 2016 alternative/folk single, ‘Dark Heads’. This new version introduces new textures of lingering guitars and horns, paired perfectly with Max's voice. On the second track, Cameron Simony covers Photographic Memory's ‘Care too’ from the 2018 mixtape, "EVERYTHING NICE". Cam's version keeps the track's lo-fi aesthetic but is performed in a slightly more up-front and upbeat version, with the drums and Cam's voice leading the song.

— 7"s are hand-cut/single-sided on a square, clear lathe record. Housed in a full-color foldover, printed on 100% recycled 100lb uncoated cover.
— Lathe cut records are cut manually, meaning the drop of the cutting needle is done by hand. This means that auto-players will not always track the beginning grooves. They may have slightly more surface noise (due to static build-up and dust) or an occasional light distortion in some frequencies but are still very listenable. The volume will be a little lower than a modern record, so please increase the volume on your speakers when spinning. The records should track well, even on more standard turntables, but if you have problems, adjust your tonearm weight and your anti-skate settings.


  1. Dark Heads
  2. Care Too
Pressing Information

First Press | 7" Square-Cut Lathe
20 Clear