Joy Machine “1995” Zine Distro


From Shining Life Press — SLP-030: The second Toy Machine issue (following the 1993–1994 issue) in a series attempting to document the Toy Machine brand and artwork from 1993-1999 one year at a time. This issue features every Toy Machine advertisement from 1995 along with a 4-page interview with Jerry Fowler. It also includes a 16 page interview with Satva Leung on his life and time skating for Toy Machine, a 6 page comic by Dylan Drug Dogs, write up by Anthony Poppalardo, and a reprint of the Toy Machine fanzine #2 made by Ed Templeton in 1995.

Shining Life's dream is to see a book compiling everything TM did under the sun from ’93–’99. Every ad, deck graphic, sticker, shirt, design, logo, interview, pro spotlight, and any other odds and ends in a full-color bible accompanied by an oral history with every rider, manager, passerby, etc.

Layout and Design by Shining Life
66 pages — 6" X 8.25"