Hollow Suns — Into The Water SDR-040


On their third EP, Into The Water, Tokyo's Hollow Suns find themselves on a new endeavor—exploring the grunge soundscape. The band does so creatively, with their signature alternative-rock sound, and strong punk & hardcore background. Into The Water explores themes of the struggles of growing older, going through change, questioning yourself & ideals, and everything in between. Tracks like ‘It's All There’ acknowledges the pain & struggle in life, while ‘Heavy In The Air’ reaches for hope as Shuhei sings, “You can’t give in to the dark / The sun will rise for you too / The day will come night will fall, my friend”. Into The Water is a focused and relatable album, and fans of Solea, Foo Fighters, Samiam or Basement will surely enjoy this collection of songs.

- Eco-Mix is produced using recycled colored-pellets from the pressing plant, with different results each pressing. Color will vary, and may be completely different than the mockup.
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  1. Waiting For The Time
  2. Into The Water
  3. It's All There
  4. Heavy In The Air
  5. No One Stays
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100 Eco-Mix Vinyl