Fake It — The Family Name SDR-039

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With the sincerity of early emo revival groups and a hearty lo-fi, indie-rock sound, Fake It reflect a beautiful mix of retrospective lyricism and glimmering riffs. ​The Family Name​ is a conceptual piece, following an unnamed family as they struggle with the effects of religious intolerance and repression of individuality.

A dramatic story that discusses the hardships of addiction, sexual dysphoria, and abuse inflicted by their father figure, the seven-song​ EP is riddled with heart-wrenching​ narratives and innovative melodies. Devoid of unnecessary production, the record was created to sound as natural as possible. There is no tuning on the vocals, no drum samples, and very little editing. Frontman, Christian Burnett shared, “We wanted to make a real rock record instead of trying to match standards that have been set for production”, and that’s just what ​The Family Name is​. — Emily Kitchin

- CD's include a booklet featuring expanded artwork by Flesh & Bone Design.
- Orders include an exclusive documentary video filming the process of The Family Name


  1. The Family Name
  2. Inheritance
  3. The Distancing
  4. Perspectives
  5. With Great Conviction
  6. Capsheaf
  7. Capital
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