Sunstroke — Second Floor/Seven Distro


Sunstroke, from Philadelphia and surrounding areas: is a band that started with an honest intention of friends getting together to write the kind of songs that they wanted and felt motivated to. With a heavy focus on “Revolution Summer” era bands like Dag Nasty, Embrace, Rain and Rites of Spring, but also a larger range of influence from 80’s Brit-Pop, Shoegaze and Minneapolis greats Hüsker Dü, and The Replacements. While keeping a strong handle on the ethos and social justice elements of hardcore/punk, Sunstroke looks to offer a sound and content for audiences to resonate with. — New Morality Zine.

- This is a distro item from New Morality Zine & Coin Toss Records.
- Vinyl includes a digital download card

1. Richard Spencer
2. Dominic
3. Second Floor
4. Complaint Dept.
5. The Threat of Nostalgia
6. Procedure 203-11
7. Six Years/Tears
8. 83 Cents
9. Revival
10. Lehigh Viaduct (Heroin Highway)

Pressing Information

47 Solid Yellow (Rev Exclusive)
88 Gold (Sunstroke Exclusive)
154 Red (NMZ Exclusive) [THIS]
155 Blue (Coin Toss Records Exclusive) [THIS]