New Design — Where I Need To Be SDR-037

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Where I Need To Be welcomes the return of Brampton, Ontario post-rock/emo band, New Design. Following their amazing 2015 LP, Far From Home and 2017 single, ‘Say You Want Me’, Where I Need To Be embraces the bands’ dynamic & atmospheric sonic landscape, but with a focused theme around hope and moving forward. “Where I Need To Be is about the importance of being able to recognize when you aren't where you want to be in life, while also keeping close the things that are important to you. Even though we aren't exactly where I dreamt of being, I am still creating and playing music with my best friends who I started this band with, and that means everything to me” says Guitarist/Vocalist, Joseph Angilletta. This new collection of songs maintains the atmospheric & anthemic melodies New Design is known for, and also introduces brighter, upbeat tones—heard in tracks like ‘You Had Me’. It’s a perfect listen for this upcoming summer season, and leaves us hopeful, and excited to hear what’s to come from New Design.

- The first 30 orders will include an exclusive 11x17" poster.


  1. Where I Need To Be
  2. So Wait
  3. You Had Me
  4. We Both Know
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