Anxious Arms — Feeler SDR-034

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Feeler is the sophomore EP from Sacramento post-hardcore band, Anxious Arms. Following a year of multiple tours and new music, the band continued to expand on their previous release, Never Was and wrote some of the best emo/post-hardcore tracks we've heard in a while. On Feeler we hear a great use of melodies, with familiar guitar tones that call back to early 00's bands like The Jealous Sound or Rival Schools. Vocalist/guitarist Kyle Bolla's poetic lyrics are gracefully carried throughout the album over melodic guitars and upbeat drums. Feeler does an excellent job of showing the band's growth thus far and hints at what is next to come for Anxious Arms.


  1. Feeler
  2. Off Stockton
  3. Hiding
  4. In The Way
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