Paperback — Big Feeling SDR-030

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Big Feeling is the new EP from Austin, TX punk band, Paperback. Two years since their debut album, Nervous Energy, the band has stayed busy with playing many local shows, touring in and out of state, talking to the local press and most excitingly: writing & recording Big Feeling. Recorded with Philip Odom at Bad Wolf Recordings, he and the band managed to bring out the best in these songs by highlighting Paperback's strengths in catchy/fast hooks, along with emotional, introspective and unique songwriting. This results in a perfect summer EP, that blends classic punk influence from The Replacements and Hüsker Dü with modern pop/punk elements from contemporaries like Joyce Manor, The Maple State, and Heart Attack Man. After the first listen, you'll surely give it another, and another, while singing along to 'Cartoon Graveyard' on a nice summer car ride.


  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Strange
  3. Cartoon Graveyard
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