Mundy's Bay — Hope You're Fine Distro


Hope You're Fine is the debut EP from Montreal alternative-pop band, Mundy's Bay. Originally released in 2016 on Sonic Order Records, Hope You're Fine combines elements of pop, new wave and alternative rock to create a unique and refreshing sound in modern day. The tracks on the album contrast each other in the best way, as the listener begins with a very catchy summery tune, and then discovers a much more atmospheric, haunting, yet beautiful song. The band crafted the EP in a very smart way, leaving the listener wondering what is next to come from Mundy's Bay.

Order Includes:
- Green or Black 7" Vinyl
- Digital Download Card
- Sunday Drive Records Sticker
- Sunday Drive Records 1" Button
- Sunday Drive Records Newsletter
- Business Cards
- Handwritten Thank You Card


  1. Hope You're Fine
  2. Countless Roamings
Pressing Information

100 Green
200 Black