The Record Play - Second Year SDR - 013


Second Year is the debut LP from Joseph Lacy's project, The Record Play. Consisting of 9 tracks, the album is a very cohesive collection of songs about the past 2 years of Lacy's life. In addition to the beautiful acoustic sound, the tracks also include layers of poppy drums, and washed-out electric guitar melodies. With Lacy's voice being very distinct and catchy from previous acts such as Transit and The Weeds, he surely delivers these 9 tracks at his best. This is a perfect release for the summer, and for listeners who enjoy Owen, The Early November, and Turnover.


  1. Get Well
  2. Falling Up
  3. Interlude
  4. Wander
  5. Goodnight Moon
  6. Wonder
  7. Looking Glass
  8. Careful Noise
  9. When You're Alone
Pressing Information

25 Golden Rod w/ Denim Blue Imprint
25 Denim Blue w/ Yellow Imprint