I Was Afraid - Endless Ecstasy SDR - 011


After watching I Was Afraid perform on their Texas tour this year, we were blown away. Their explosive sound is most evident on their amazing album, Endless Ecstasy. The album is full of atmospheric sounds, melodic guitars, heavy bass, and dynamic drums. On top of this, vocalist Darby Johnson delivers hazy lyrics in booth a soothing and rough way. Endless Ecstasy all in all is a bold album, that combines many sounds in an exceptional way. If you enjoy bands like Hum, Failure, and Nothing, you will surely enjoy I Was Afraid.

This is a Sunday Drive Records reissue of Endless Ecstasy and is available on these cassette variants for the first time.


  1. Endless Ecstasy
  2. Fantasy Cycle
  3. Sign On
  4. Ganymede
  5. Guest
  6. Outer Heaven
  7. Body Heat
  8. Signal Jam
Pressing Information

15 Light Pink w/ White Imprint
35 Blue-Gray Tint w/ White Imprint