Grandview - Everything Between Paint and a Wall SDR - 004

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Originally released in the winter of 2013, Grandview amazed many with their outstanding LP, Everything Between Paint and a Wall. The album evolves from their previous EP into a much more mature sounding album, with each track flowing perfectly into the next. Each song is very well crafted and has its own unique sense of raw emotion in both lyrics and instruments. This is an important album to many of us here at Sunday Drive Records and we are glad that we have the opportunity to reissue it on cassette tape.


  1. Paint
  2. Seeking Out Gold
  3. The Only Constant
  4. In Good Company
  5. To The Sun
  6. 7
  7. Saw The Sky
  8. Say Nothing
  9. Shaper
  10. Sitting On Gold
  11. Wall
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25 Royal Blue Sonic
25 White