Welcome Squint to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on April 19th, 2022

Squint promo photo

We are pleased to welcome St. Louis, MO hardcore-punk band, Sqiunt to Sunday Drive Records. Squint started in fall of 2021, featuring various members from Missouri bands Time and Pressure, New Lives, Soul Craft and Choir Vandals. The band has a nice palette of sounds ranging from hardcore to alternative/indie rock. Largely influenced by a shared liking of Rites of Spring and Turning Point, "Feel It" take the sound of melodic-leaning hardcore, but Squint is able to put their own spin on it with fuzzed-out guitars and big riffs—recalling tones heard from bands like Seaweed and Sugar.

Today, you can pre-order their new EP, "Feel It" on cassette tape along with a new shirt, and listen to the single, 'Mantra' below.