SDR Partners w/ Deathwish Direct for Distribution

Posted on June 10th, 2021

Deathwish Direct and Sunday Drive Records Partnership

We're excited to announce today that Sunday Drive Records has partnered with Deathwish Direct for worldwide physical & digital distribution. This has been a huge goal of mine for the past few years. It was important to me to partner SDR with a company that had the same DIY values and ethos that we've operated with for the past six years, and Deathwish Direct perfectly fits this description. We have a lot of new music on the way and it's exciting to have the opportunity have our artists' music more accessible to listeners and record stores.

What does this mean?

All SDR releases will be physically and digitally distributed via Deathwish Direct. This means our releases will now be much more accessible for record stores to purchase and carry in-store, including stores in Europe. Deathwish Direct offers worldwide physical distribution and solicits to over 600 stores weekly. SDR will be joining Deathwish Direct's roster, including labels like REACT!, Reaper Records, Secret Voice, Dark Medicine + more.

Can I still purchase records directly from SDR?

Absolutely. SDR will continue to operate mailorder for the SDR webstore.

Can I buy SDR releases directly from Deathwish?

Yes! And we encourage it. Deathwish not only carries DW releases and SDR releases, but albums from hundreds of artists and labels within the punk/hardcore & alternative genre. You can pick up a bunch of records at one site while supporting all of the labels/artists involved.

Will SDR releases now be available at my local record store?

We hope so! While Deathwish Direct continues to sell directly to local stores, asking your store by word of mouth is always super helpful and will help get our records into more stores like yours. You can ask for any of our releases to be ordered and your store should be able to order them at wholesale via Deathwish Direct. Contact info is below:

Deathwish Direct

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