Welcome Utmost to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on January 28th, 2021

We are pleased to welcome NY’s hardcore band, Utmost to Sunday Drive Records. Their new single, "Big Dose" is out today and you can watch their music video now over at No Echo.

Utmost is a hardcore band from Staten Island, New York that formed in 2018 by members Alex Allen, Jonathan Wisniewski, and Alex Michael Mazzie. Utmost at heart is a hardcore band, yet sonically, their music explores a wide range of influences from 90s post-hardcore bands like Seaweed and Farside, to early 00’s straight-forward hardcore like Mental and Battery with a mix of chaotic metalcore like Botch and The Chariot. The result is Utmost— high-energy, fun, upbeat, sometimes chaotic hardcore with 90’s alternative melodies. After releasing a few singles and their 2018 debut LP, “A Garden, A Grave”, Utmost is ready for 2021 with new music and a refreshed sound to share, starting on January 29 with the single, ‘Big Dose’.

We also have a pre-order for new longsleeves available on the SDR store. More music & merch coming soon.