“Music For November Vol.6” Out Now

Posted on November 6th, 2020

Our annual compilation album, “Music For November” is out today, only on Bandcamp. Vol.6 features new music/covers/demos from GLARE, Photographic Memory, Anxious Arms, New Design, Weathering, and more.

The reason the comp has continued to exists is to raise funds for an important charity. This year, Texas lost a couple of very important people in our scene—Riley Gale & Wade Allison. Recently, Dallas Hope Center announced a new org in Riley’s name, called The Riley Gale Library.

Dallas Hope Charities provides food, shelter, and services that instill dignity, stability, and hope for all. The Dallas Hope Center is the city’s only LGBTQ-focused Homeless Youth Transitional Living Center and extension program. By helping provide inclusive spaces for at-risk, homeless LGBTQ youth (18 to 24), the Dallas Hope Center hopes to change the lives of those who experience high rates of conduct disorder, post-traumatic stress, and suicidal behavior.

The Riley Gale Library will be a place that each resident can go to access a variety of books, request books they are interested in that we will provide, and socialize with one another. They have already begun building a collection of books and are still accepting donations to complete their library, which this comp will help to do. You can learn more here.


  1. Spark - In The Know
  2. GLARE - Idle (Demo)
  3. Photographic Memory - Cut Down Another Sycamor
  4. Dan Darrah - Look Away (feat. Danielle Clark)
  5. Weathering - Canyon Walls (Demo) - Croz K Remix
  6. All Under Heaven - She Only Knows
  7. End on End - Is Believing (Demo)
  8. Applewhite - Sweets
  9. Stud Count - Willow
  10. Utmost - Hangdog
  11. Still - Heavy
  12. Broken Vow - The New Resistance
  13. Link By Link - Wasted On The Weak
  14. Cursetheknife - Low (Demo)
  15. Anxious Arms - Be Quiet And Drive
  16. Sergio Anello - Dear God
  17. New Design - Goodbye