Welcome The Sunset Doctrine to Sunday Drive Records

Posted on May 22nd, 2019

We are pleased to welcome San Antonio's, The Sunset Doctrine to Sunday Drive Records. Originally started 13 years ago, singer/songwriter Sean Lazaga began writing and recording songs in his bedroom as a solo project. Taking influences from artists like Owen, Copeland, I Can Make A Mess (Ace Enders) and The Wonder Years, Sean was able to create honest songs with beautiful, intricate melodies. Over the years, Sean stayed busy with The Sunset Doctrine, while writing music in a couple of bands and contributing to the local music scene.

The Sunset Doctrine has been a constant outlet for Sean to release music through, and recently SDR has been able to help with this via the Music For November compilations. It's been great to watch Sean grow as a songwriter, and we're excited to help release The Sunset Doctrine's upcoming debut EP later this fall.

Recording for the upcoming EP will begin just next month, and Sean is hoping to create something special—a 6 song EP w/ a full-band recording featuring string arrangements. Because of the larger scope, Sean has put together an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the costs for the recording. If you'd like to help with this, you can contribute to the campaign by tapping the button below. You'll be able to read more about The Sunset Doctrine's vision, watch an overview video and finally be introduced to some of the perks that will be given to contributors.

In the meantime, Sean has re-mastered some earlier home demos, titled Trailhead: A Recollection Of Early Home Demos. You can stream everywhere now, or listen below.

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