Photographic Memory

Producer/singer-songwriter, Max Epstein has kept busy since the start of Los Angeles, CA dream-pop/indie project, Photographic Memory back in 2013. Max has consistently released genre-straddling singles, mixtapes, and EPs throughout the years, while also collaborating and producing for artists as varied as hardcore upstarts Militarie Gun and alternative mainstays Cold War Kids.

On Max's new release, “Photographic Memory” you can hear Photo Mem start to shine to its full potential. Taking influences from 90’s alternative-pop bands like Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, The Sundays and Bjork, and combining them with Photo Mem’s roots in emo influences from Red House Painters and American Football, Max is able to create a diverse collection of some of the most energetic, catchy, heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking songs on this full-length project.