New Methods

New Methods is a hardcore band from San Antonio, TX formed in 2015. Having played in local hardcore and metal bands in the past, the band had a great foundation to build upon. They released their 4-track demo tape shortly after forming and really showcased their youth-crew style with a very energetic sound.

Soon after, New Methods joined their friends at Sunday Drive Records and released their self-titled EP. This time around, the band had a much more polished sound and sounded very unique in their local scene at the time, pulling in influences from bands like Down to Nothing, Verse and Guns Up. Since 2015, the band continued to play many local shows, then took a short pause to begin writing their next album with the addition of a new member.

A little more than three years later, New Methods are back with new music and a refreshed sound. Pulling in influences from hardcore/metalcore bands like Snapcase, Strife and Carry On, New Methods have combined their youthful, energetic sound with a darker and more melodic tone on their newest album. "Where We Go To Burn".