Originally formed at the start of 2016 by Daniel Trombley and Christian Burnett, Ease is an emo/post-hardcore project based out of Sacramento, California. Drawing influences from bands like Title Fight, Defeater, and Touche Amore, Ease speaks in dynamically and sonically aggressive vignettes. Avoiding, and sometimes entirely negating traditional pop structure, Ease presents snapshots of core human emotions like anxiety, frustration, and most importantly, a longing to become better. Comprised of members Daniel Trombley (vocals), Christian Burnett (guitar), Joshua Unitt (guitar), Steven Salem (bass), and Tuan Purser (drums), Ease has several accomplishments already under their belt despite their infancy as a project. 2 EP’s (“Letters” and the re-release of their original 2016 EP, “Roots”), as well as a tour of the western United States and subsequent shows throughout California have left the band with a want for more. For their upcoming split release with friends in Weathering (Sacramento, CA), Ease aims to resolidify themselves within the greater US DIY community and reach new audiences nationally and globally.