Anxious Arms — Head Toward Heaven SDR-045


This is a pre-order and is expected to ship around 4/10/20

Written in just 2–3 practices and recorded just after getting home from a summer show in Texas, “Head Toward Heaven” marks a change in the direction of Anxious Arms as a whole.

While their first two EPs were heavily influenced by the DIY Emo scene they started out in, for this record, Anxious Arms is committed to making a heavy record that pulls in various, heavy influences with producer, Josh Unitt (ex- Wolf and Bear). The band took more freedom on the recording than before, like recording drums and bass live in a room together.

"Head Toward Heaven" is influenced by heavy 90's bands like Type O Negative, Crowbar, Tad and Alice in Chains—alongside modern acts such as: Narrow Head, Code Orange, Every Time I Die, and local Sacramento band, Chrome Ghost.

- Pre-orders include an immediate digital download of the single, 'On Soul and Subjection'
- The full digital album will be delivered via email on the release date of 4/10/20
- Shirts are printed on Gildan Hammer
- All images shown are mockups and final products may slightly differ


  1. Shatter
  2. Embrace
  3. On Soul and Subjection
  4. In My Eyes
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