Mundy's Bay — Wandering & Blue SDR–023


Wandering & Blue is Mundy's Bay's follow up to their debut EP, Hope You're Fine. The band continues to expand on the unique post-punk/new wave sound from their first record, and adds in some darker tones that appear nicely throughout the album. The EP consists of 5 beautifully, catchy tracks that fans of The Cure & The Chameleons would definitely enjoy.

Order Includes:
- Black or Clear 12" Vinyl
- Digital Download Card
- Sunday Drive Records Sticker
- Sunday Drive Records 1" Button
- Sunday Drive Records Newsletter
- Business Cards
- Handwritten Thank You Card

For Canada orders, please visit Sonic Order Records.


  1. Ocean Side
  2. Glow
  3. How You Feel
  4. Strange Feeling
  5. Window In The Shade
Pressing Information

100 Clear (Sunday Drive Exclusive)
100 Light Pink (Sonic Order Exclusive)
300 Black