Petty Thief - Whatever Keeps You Standing SDR - 005


Petty Thieft's debut EP, " Whatever Keeps You Standing" delivers an outstanding blend of alternative-rock, emo, with hints of shoegaze, recalling bands like Title Fight and Superheaven. Being a fairly new band, Petty Thief seem to know exactly what they wanted to display on their first release: Cohesive tracks, filled with introspective/melancholy lyrics, twangy guitar riffs and punk drums. Sunday Drive is very pleased to present the bands first release on cassette tape.

Order includes:
- Solid Purple or Solid Green Cassette Tape w/ White Imprint
- Digital Download Card
- Lyric Sheet
- Sunday Drive Records Sticker
- Sunday Drive Records 1" Button
- Sunday Drive Records Newsletter
- Business Cards
- Handwritten Thank You Card


  1. Nuclear Family
  2. Full Circle
  3. No Love Lost
  4. Solstice
Pressing Information

25 Green Solid
25 Purple Solid