New Lives - In Passing SDR - 002


The debut EP from New Lives, In Passing consists of 5 well-written tracks filled with great emotion delivered in a genre of alternative-rock/grunge that will only leave its listener wanting to hear more from the band. New Lives is a fairly new band in 2015 from St.Louis, MO but seem to have captured a sound that bands take years to develop. This is not a EP you want to miss out on, and it is now available on cassette tape for the very first time.

Order includes:
- Light Pink or Metallic Gold Cassette Tape w/ Black Imprint
- Digital Download Card
- Handwritten Lyric Sheet
- Sunday Drive Records Sticker
- Sunday Drive Records 1" Button
- Sunday Drive Records Newsletter
- Business Cards
- Handwritten Thank You Card


  1. Sink
  2. Wounds
  3. Clarity
  4. Pacemaker
  5. In Passing
Pressing Information

25 Light Pink w/ Black Imprint
25 Metallic Gold w/ Black Imprint